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WordWright Editorial Services is a comprehensive research, writing, editing and proofreading service, specialising in public–private partnership, government and voluntary sector communications.

Our expertise is in education, health and architecture, but we take on other subjects too. Using only advanced, experienced editors, we guarantee a gold standard of service and we firmly believe we can surpass your expectations.

Call and see just how much added value a good editor can add to your organisation.

Our costs are reasonable, but they do reflect the very high standard of workmanship you will receive. Use the ‘Quote' tab to obtain an estimate for editing your document.

How can WordWright Editorial Services help me?

Our services run from straightforward proofreading to researching and writing major reports. Click on the ‘Services' tab for more detailed information. Much of what we do is editing:

•  uncovering ambiguities, contradictions and problems in a document

•  correcting spelling, grammatical and factual errors

•  improving the structure and ordering of your document

•  suggesting improvements in wording, style and logical organisation

•  editing your words into plain English, where you require this

• making sure the language you use is inclusive and non-discriminatory, in line    with current legislation and good practice

•  checking references to external documents and websites

•  making sure your corporate literature has a consistent style across the board

•  checking phone and fax numbers, website links and urls

•  making sure illustrations have the correct captions

• checking the statistical accuracy of tables and charts and making sure keys    and legends are correct

•  making forms and questionnaires comprehensive, clear and easy to fill in

•  adding that final professional finish to all your documents.


Ofsted , Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development , Young People's Learning Agency, Skills Funding Agency, National College for Leadership of Schools and Children's Services, Central Office of Information, Becta , Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, Royal Institute of British Architects, University of Birmingham , The Arts Council , The Electoral Commission